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Aidmer76-029T Tank Lid Packing

2016/10/23      view:

Aidmer76-029T Tank Lid Packing



Aidmer76-029T Consists of a special hollow NBR rubber core, wrapped in a layer of Pure PTFE tape, This is surrounded by a cushion of synthetic fibres, and a braided outer jacket of strong and durable, Lubricated PTFE yarn, Available in square and rectangular cross section.

Application areas:


Style Aidmer76-029T is universally usable for all kinds lids and hatches, it is flexible and conforms easily to slight irregularities in the grooves. And It can be used with all kind of Tank Lids, hatches etc for ships, barges, road and rail transport vehicles, storage tanks etc.

Application media:


Style Aidmer76-029T was developed for the carrying of hazardous liquid cargoes and can be used with most chemicals likely to be carried, chemicals, solvents, acids, alkalis, oils, foodstuffs etc