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Aidmer76-025 Carbon Fiber Braided Packing

2016/10/22      view:

Aidmer76-025 Carbon Fiber Packing with PTFE And Lubricant


Aidmer76-025B Carbon fibre braided packing with PTFE emulsion (without lubricant) 

Aidmer76-025R Die-form Packing Rings.


Carbon Fiber yarn, Impregnated with PTFE emulsion or lubricant.


Application Areas:

Style Aidmer76-025/Aidmer76-025B can be used in pumps, agitators mixers and kneader centrifugal pumps, sliders, stirring equipement, valves, paper mill etc.


Application Media: 

Style Aidmer76-025/Aidmer76-025B is suitable for liquid and gaseous,acids, lyes, solvents, adhesives, abrasive and crystalline media like sewage etc.