Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant

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  • Brand:    AIDMER
  • Type:    Aidmer76-012S
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Aidmer76-012S Expanded PTFE Sealant with self-adhesive

  • Temperature Range:-288 to +316C

  • Pressure Range: less than 20 Mpa

  • PH Value:0 to 14

100% pure expanded PTFE Sealants with self-adhesive. It's an idea sealant for most pipe fitting and equipments flanges sealing

Extremely wide range of uses in:

  • Low stress to seal requirements help protect flagile flange and delicate assemblies.
  • Higher resistant to creep and cold flow when sealing of heat exchanger and no need to retight after installatioin.
  • No precutting and no wasteful scrap saves time and money when sealing large equipment flanges.
  • Since It's so versatile and inert to most chemicals. It's perfect for the most challenging chemical application.
  • Ideal for large, complex or damages sealing surfaces due to its strong yet conformable nature.
  • TOP SEAL is a UNICERSAL sealing material for valves; It servers as a flange gasket and box packing.

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