Ceramic Fiber Textile

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l  Aidmer76-015Y Ceramic Fiber Yarn

l  Aidmer76-220 Ceramic Fiber Braided Rope(square/Round)

l  Aidmer76-230 Ceramic Fiber Tape

l  Aidmer76-210 Ceramic Fiber Cloth

All of our ceramic fiber textiles are made from alumina-silica ceramic fiber and are free of asbestos. These ceramic fiber textiles can be used in different industrial applications under temperatures up to 2300 °F (1260 °C) and have Excellent chemical stability and strong resistance to thermal shock and corrosion attack. Exceptions are hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalis.

If the ceramic fiber textiles are wet by water or steam, the thermal properties are completely restored upon drying. No water of hydration is present.

Multi-Ply Twisted Ceramic Fiber Rope

These ceramic fiber ropes are produced by twisting multiple plies of ceramic fiber wicking together. Standard 3-ply twisted rope is relatively soft and low in density and is the most economical choice.

This kind of ceramic fiber rope is made by forming many strands of yarn into three separate plies, which are then Twisted into a three-ply rope. This ceramic fiber rope is slightly denser and more durable than the 3-ply twisted ceramic fiber rope made from wicking.

Ceramic Fiber Round Braid and Square Braid

The highest density of all ceramic fiber ropes, the round braid and square braid are produced by over braiding around a core of ceramic fiber to achieve maximum resistance to mechanical abuse. In addition to its superior strength, round braid and square braid also exhibit minimal unraveling when cut.

Woven Ceramic Fiber Cloth, Ceramic Fiber Tape, and Ceramic Fiber Sleeving

Ceramic fiber cloth, ceramic fiber tape, and ceramic fiber sleeving are very flexible fabrics. Insert materials of Inconel wire,SS wire and fiberglass filament are incorporated into the yarn to increase tensile strength of the fabrics both before and after exposure to heat. Typical applications for cloth, tapes, and sleeving include gaskets, seals, furnace and welding curtains or pipe wrapping.


  • Coke oven door jam seal
  • Maintenance in aluminum plants
  • Foundries, refineries and power plants
  • Expansion packing
  • Gasket for vacuum degassing of steel
  • During pouring
  • High temperature gasketing and packing
  • Tadpole gasket bulb cord
  • Expansion join packing in boilers and furnaces
  • Wood burning stove door seal
  • Glass furnace truck stone seal
  • Furnace door insulation and seal

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