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  •      Aidmer is a professional manufacturer and exporter of high-grade and top quality many styles of  PTFE Finished and Semi-Finished Products, gland packing, gasket sheet, graphite packing, ptfe packing, ceramic fiber, ptfe product. There were be widely used for dynamically sealing shafts, valves spinde, plungers, agitators, fans and so on.

  •       AIDMER Packing and Sheet has been awarded the certificate of ISO9001, AIDMER® has been devoting itself to offering qualified products, reliable service with competitive price and professional staffs to meet the demands of the clients. Because specialized therefore is remarkable.

  •       AIDMER brand products win the leading position in domestic market. And our products were exporting to Europe, South America, Africa, Middle of East and More than Fifty Countries and regions.

  •      In recent years, AIDMER has been developing rapidly with expanding scale, improving benefits and outstanding management.

  • AIDMER is excellent foreign trade and Cooperation Enterprise. Carrying out our business culture ” Value of people: Integrity, cooperative and keen on learning Value of work: Earnest, creative and striving for excellence .

Mechanical Packing

Gland Packing,Sutting Box Packing: More than 50 Styles of Braided Packing


  1. Skived PTFE Roll,Sheet,Tape
  2. PTFE Thin Film
  3. PTFE Sheet(Plate)
  4. Etched PTFE Sheet/Film
  5. GF,G.Br. Carbon Filler PTFE Sheet
  6. Expanded PTFE Sheet(Soft)
  7. PTFE Rod
  8. GF,G.Br.Cabon Filler PTFE Rod(Bushing)
  9. PTFE Tube(Bushing)
  10. Flexible PTFE Hose/With SS metal Braided
  11. PTFE Gasket
  12. Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant
  13. Raw material: PTFE liquid, PTFE Granule.

Gasket Sheet

  1. Graphite Sheet
  2. Reinforced Graphite sheet
  3. Compressed Asbestos Sheet
  4. Non-asbestos Sheet
  5. Cylinder Gasket Sheet
  6. Double jacketed gasket
  7. Auto gasket
  8. Spiral wound gasket
  9. Corrugated metal gasket, Ring joint gasket, Metal O-ring
  10. Raw Material: Graphite paper, beater paper, SS sheets, Metal Tape.

Insulated & High-Temp. Textiles

  1. Ceramic Fiber textile: Ceramic Fiber Cloth, Tape,Round/Section Braided Rope,  Sleeve and Yarns
  2. Glass Fibre Textile: Glass Fiber Cloth, Tape, Round and Section Braided Rope, Sleeve.
  3. Coating: PTFE Coated FG Cloth,Belt, Silicone Coated FG Sleeving, Cloth.